Creating a support ticket is the best way to contact us. Our team will respond within 24 hours. Faster if urgent. Please white list our email address "" to ensure you receive our replies as many messages get lost in spam / junk folders. We always reply. This address is not used for any marketing. Any marketing from us is sent from a different address that you can unsubscribe from anytime. 

You can create a support ticket by clicking HERE

You can SMS us on 0437 776 942 but please include your order number so we know who you are. 

Our telephone number is 03 8797 5579. Here you will be able to leave a message for us. If doing that please also include your order number if applicable. 

Below are our 3 most common questions.

Q: Where do you ship from? 

A: We have several warehouses around Australia. We ship mostly from Melbourne but some items are shipped from Sydney, Brisbane or Perth. 

Q: Do you express ship?

A: No. Too few people want it, and due to the high level of automation in our main warehouse, the cost of breaking the line for the very low volume of express requests outweighs the benefits of offering it. 

Q: Why don't you have live phone answering?

A: Because when we did 98% of the answers to questions were already there in the full product description, the images. the shipping terms tab or the warranty tab. Nearly every other query is answered right here in our help desk. Running a dedicated call centre is very expensive and just adds to the price of products. Also we prefer to keep all correspondence in writing for both your protection and ours. We are very committed to customer service and will happily call you personally if we are unable to answer a question or solve an issue via email.