Below is a video for use as a general guide when fitting sheepskin seat covers. The theory is also the same for our canvas style covers. The video shown represents a vehicle with seat fitted airbags but the procedure is mostly the same for vehicles without. A written description is also provided and there is also downloadable guides at the bottom of the article. 

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Your new seat covers are a very snug fit and may require some manipulation to get them into the right place.

As you commence putting them on you will see the general profile. Once snugly fitted you need to tuck the ties at the back of the base (one piece or two no difference, if 2 then do the base of back rest too) through the gap between them. This is best achieved by moving the seat back forwards. Then just let them hang. The side ties and the front ties need to be fed through or under the plastic panelling if you have that on your vehicle (this is why ties are used over buckles as the plastic panelling would need to be removed otherwise) and then underneath the seat. If necessary use anything thats flexible that wont damage the seat. 

Once the ties are under then press the material through in the same manner. They profile around your seat beautifully when you get to this point. After that it's a bit fiddly but by sliding the seat all the way forwards you should be able to get in via the front and via the rear to tie them off. Tie them like shoelaces but no double knot. They will hold perfectly well like that but then they are easy to undo when you want to remove them.

Contrary to the printed instructions we suggest get everything set so you can see its all lined up and profiled properly and then using a sharp cutter blade just put a tiny slit where the headrest poles need to go and then you can place the headrest back in. Every vehicle is just slightly different depending on wear and particularly with sheepskin covers the different skins can sit slightly different even on the same type of vehicle.

Installing rear covers are much the same theory but sometimes you'll need to remove the side rests of split fold seats (the bit the seat belt hangs over, if applicable). In most cars this is just a case of lifting upwards but we recommend looking at your owners manual or searching online. Youtube is also a great resource to see how your individual seats can be removed or adjusted.  Unfortunately each car is different and its just not possible `for any seat cover manufacturer to write specific instructions on a vehicle by vehicle basis. But most vehicles use much the same methodology. The main body of the seats where split fold should be relatively easy. Generally the base will flip up from some or may have a release tab you can pull. Generally owners manuals will have some info about this. 

Instructions can be downloaded below

Vehicles with seat fitted airbags, click HERE

Vehicles without seat fitted airbag, click HERE

A great example of a youtube video showing seat removal is here but just search youtube with your vehicle details.